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Our Story

In 2004, Hags With Rags began providing quality cleaning services to new home builders in Red Deer, Alberta. Currently, we are based in Innisfail, Alberta and have become A trusted trade PARTNER to many home builders around Central Alberta.

About Me

My name is Sheri and I started this business so that I could be home with and accommodate my children’s school and sports activities. It was a natural fit to do this given the amount of time I spend admiring new homes and my obsession with cleanliness. I knew it would be a win/win for me. And now, after cleaning for years, I have got to be in so many beautiful homes and am always pleasantly surprised by peoples’ different tastes. I have been secretly building my dream home for years inside my head.

What started out as just me cleaning home after home alone has turned into teams of three or four people working together to make your turnover go off without a hitch. My goal, as part of your larger team, is to make sure that every one of your customers gets to walk into their new home and know that all they need to do is unpack the boxes. No cleaning needed! We’re here to make the quality of your build stand out.

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